"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

- The World Health Organization’s definition of Health

NZOZ Medico Mental Health Centre offers an integrated full service addressing every need associated with mental health for adults.
This includes psychiatric, psychological and psychotherapeutic aspects of a patient.

Our team is made up of the highly educated specialists in their field

We are pleased to say that our team is made up of the highly educated specialists in their field: all our doctors are specialist psychiatrists, most of our psychologists are clinical psychologists and all our psychotherapists are certificated or in the process of acquiring the certificate.

All of our specialists regularly take part in training and academic conferences and are continuously expanding their expertise. Attentive, first class care combined with a personal, friendly approach are our distinctive qualities.

The mental health treatment we offer is tailored to you. In our work we apply EBM (Evidence Based Medicine), which means that our doctors and other health care professionals use the best available scientific evidence from clinical research to help make decisions about the care of individual patients.

We provide specialist psychiatric consultations for English speaking foreigners, no NFZ insurance needed.

Our specialists provide assistance for the following conditions:

  • neurosis

  • mood disorders, depression, bipolar disorders

  • anxiety disorders

  • sleep disorders

  • psychosis, psychotic disorders, schizophrenia

  • memory disorders, dementia

  • eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia and others)

  • personality disorders

Contact us

Appointments and enquiries:


58 352-1-352



Opening hours

Monday to Wednesday: 

Thursday and Friday : 


ul. Dworska 27
80-506 Gdansk
Initial new patient consultation (up to 60 minutes) - 260 PLN
Follow-up consultation (up to 20 minutes) - 190 PLN
e-Prescription duplicate (issued during the consultation up to 3 months before) - 50 PLN

Fees payable on the day of consultation by cash or card.
If consultation is conducted remotely fee should be paid in advance via bank transfer up to 24 hours prior and a bank transfer confirmation needs to be emailed to: przelewy@nzozmedico.pl
Our account number: PL 15 1500 1285 1212 8004 5036 0000
Santander Bank
Title of the bank transfer should include your name and date of the consultation.

Prices remain the same for all consultations when conducted remotely.

For the in-person visits face mask is mandatory.

We are open for patients and most of our appointments is conducted in person. However, we would ask that if you or someone you live with is experiencing symptoms of any infection to not attend the Centre and to stay home. Please call us to reschedule your meeting or to arrange an on-line visit (via Skype).

Our doctors are able to prescribe a suitable medication (also refundable if you have an NFZ insurance or its equivalent) and to issue a medical leave (ZUS ZLA form).

Please bring a document confirming your identity.

Please arrive at your appointment 10 minutes before it begins.

If you cannot make your appointment, please cancel it.